mySAP3 was developed based on common principles of an enterprise application for multiple-estate organizations with Package comprises of seven integrated modular applications.
mySAP3 is designed to give total solutions for accounting system. Multi currency finance module consists of Treasury Bank & Cash Book, Accounts Payable, Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, Contractor, Fixed Assets, and General Ledger.
  • Bank & Cash

    Every cash transactions (in/out) through petty cash or bank is controlled in this module.
  • Accounts Payable (AP)

    This module records all payable transactions made to suppliers. Cross-checking between supplier invoices and payments can be done in this module. Aging Payable report can be produced and the range period can be modified by users.
  • Accounts Receivable (AR)

    This module is a continuation from sales module where customer invoicing process takes place. Fixed Assets (FA) Depreciation expenses is calculated automatically and assigned to the location/unit where the asset is originated. Therefore, this module acts as an asset management application.
  • General Ledger (GL)

    Module to manage journal vouchers, especially memorial journals. Financial reports can be produced within this module after other modules are closed for transactions.
  • Finance Controlling

    Every Activity base cost can controlled in this module.
  • GIS Historical Block

    This module provide the historical by GIS of estate block.
  • Budget Controlling

    • Field budget is based on activity norms and planting year from the orresponding block. Also taking into account the condition of the plantation, such as area, soil type, number of plants, etc.
    • Production of CPO and palm kernel is based on the machine’s production capacity and the fruits received from the field or from purchases.
    • Allocation forecast for vehicle and heavy equipment costs, such as salary, fuel, tools, and vehicle activities itself.
    • Allocation forecast for workshop costs, such as salary, fuel, tools, and workshop activities itself.
    • Allocation forecast for entire department costs.
  • Purchase

    Every purchasing activity is recorded using this module, starting from purchase order (PO), receiving goods, until supplier invoice using three-way matching method.
  • Service

    Service module is used to handle repair of component. It is also integrated with log book control for monitor repair from workshop.
  • Inventory

    Inventory module covers activities related to goods movements, such as goods issues, transfers, and write-offs. Moreover, this module is capable of handling transactions from one or more warehouses with different pricing methods, based on users’ definitions.
  • Contract

    • Contractors and suppliers are treated separately as a result of different activities in a plantation. This module has similar features with Accounts Payable; the difference is that it is more focused on other activities besides material purchases.
    • It was developed to anticipate high volume on-site activities using contractor services. Contract terms, project progress, and payment progress are some features available in this module.
  • Payroll

    • Payroll application derived from standard plantation practice is embedded within this module.
    • Salary expense calculations and adjustments, income tax, allowances, premiums, and other deductions based on company policies can also be recorded here. Integration with finance and operation modules makes it possible to transfer salary expense data at the end of each period.
    • Moreover, it has the flexibility to make user modifications to meet users’ needs.
  • Pocket Checkroll

    • Checkroll application derived from standard plantation practice is embedded within this module for all of activity base costing.
  • Nursery

    To record nursery expenses from sorting to seeds moving activities. In the end, user can calculate expenses for each seed growing in the plantation.

    Field module trace costs and volumes in every plantation activities take place in the field. The information given can be processed further to construct production report, statistics report, harvesting report, and to calculate costs per Ha and per Ton for own area and Plasma area.
  • Vehicle

    The purpose of this module is to manage vehicles’ and machineries‘ activities. The costs incurred is allocated to each activity in order to monitor vehicle operational cost.
  • Workshop

    This module records and keeps track of working hours, materials and services used, and work progress.
  • Weight Bridge

    • Specially developed for automatic managing and processing data from weight bridge interface application.
    • The information provided contains goods received, excess materials on-site, sales contract achievement, etc.
    • This module records the purchase of FFB (fresh fruit bunch) from oil palm farmers, cooperation unit, or other second party.
  • POM Process

    • Production of CPO and palm kernel is based on the machine’s production capacity and the fruits received from the field, from purchases and from Plasma.
  • Maintenance

    • Specially Maintenance Before Failure control based on the machine’s with the strongly schedule repair.
  • Laboratorium

    • To record oil losses from all mill station and oil quality including dispatch quality control.
Sales Order, Sales Contract, Down Payment, Delivery Order to POM & Sales Invoice.