Institute of management Consultant is subsidiary of Economic Faculty Trisakti specializing in plantation and oil palm mill management system. Since inception in 1990, mySAP3 has gained market recognition and industry trust. This achievement is primarily premised on the successfull implementation of numerous Plantation Management Solution products that are delivered to the client's satisfaction over the years both locally and globally.

We work with our clients to streamline key processes, improve productivity and optimize resource utilization across function and vertical value chain from cultivation phase at estate to crop processing at mills. We deliver value according to individual client's requrements, need and budget by combining industry expertise, best practices, and insight of our experienced, skilled cosultants.


As mySAP3, we recognize that each client is unique with difference values and needs. These values and need evolve as new market conditions prevail, new technologies emerge and new challege arise. We believe in creating sustainable that would generate value for client over time through a combination of software, hardware knowledge and people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with solutions crafted to meet their specific needs and challenges, and enable them to profit from effective utilization of enabling technology. We strive to build long-term client relationship based on understanding, trust and respect.

Our Principles

We aim to excel in facilitating our clients address bussiness needs and growth through innovative use of enabling technology. This requires absolute commitment to excellence in our solution and services. We strive to achieve our purpose, by observing these principles:

  • Commitment to client satisfaction as our most important bussiness objective
  • Maintenance the highest stadard of quality in all our work
  • Encourage initiatives, innovations and recognize in individual contribution and accomplishments of team members.