mySAP3 Plantation ERP - Leading Plantation Management System Specialist

mySAP3 is a patented software Reg. C00201001598 that offers highg capability and flexibility, designed to fullfill the needs of agro industry bussiness. It is a .NET application using Multi database (Oracle, MSSQL, mySQL, Postgre SQL, Firedbird and DB2), Multi Server LINQ, Multi Bussiness Area, Multi Company and using next generation development tools.

mySAP3 is leading plantation industry system specialist geared towards helping oil palm, chocolate, rubber plantation companies achieve profitable growth. Through our proven plantation management solutions, we help improve operational efficiency, significantly reduce costs, increase profitability and develop sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Solution Benefits with mySAP3 plantation management solution, managing diverse, remote plantation operation is simplified and brings into your bussiness these real benefits.

Visibility into Operation

Excel UI Syle Gain insight into your plantation operation easily with unparalled streamlined reporting capability.

Complete Support

Complete functionalities for end-to-end estate and mill operation support.

Enhanced Control

Enhanced expenditure budget monitoring and control with budget preparation automation and online monitoring.

Reduce Costs

Reduce operating cost through effective monitoring and utilization of resource and increase profitablity.